Monday, June 22, 2009

Government of, by, and for the Corporations

China blocks all blogs, and totally censors all the information for its citizens, and they're our #1 supporter and trade partner. Yet we protest about human rights in Iran and North Korea, as they aren't important sources of funds for us. It's become obvious that the US can be bought by anyone with any money remaining. Individual rights, liberties, the Constitution are all now rendered meaningless - we no longer have any philosophy or ethics, just debt. We're now the wandering beggar of the world, taking handouts from everyone that will give. This kind of reminds me of churches, like the Vatican being in bed with the Mafia in Italy, the only possible reason could be financial.

This is the problem with depending on money as your basic religion, philosophy, or national system. When the flow of money your way stops, you have nothing to fall back on. So not knowing anything else, they just print more money! Why not change the system that has failed instead? Oh yeah, those with the power and who still have financial clout won't allow the system to be changed, because they are the beneficiaries of everyone else's losses. Someone made money while others lost, I'm still hearing of hedge fund managers getting 500 million for one year.

We all know that politicians are funded by major corporations, and each member of Congress is courted by 4-5 lobbyists, and that all the major media are owned by big corporations. Check out the film Thank You for Smoking for a hilarious satire of this situation. There's no way they want this system changed, they make big profits when things are good, then get bailed out by the government officials they own when times are bad. Meanwhile, the citizens, ie consumers, lose money in each scenario to these corporations. We pay all their profits in good times, then just hand them free money in bad times. Why can't individuals get the same breaks when we can't find jobs?

Like FDR and Ike told us, we truly have a government of, by, and for the corporations. How about one for small businesses and individuals instead, that would help more people survive. That 100 million a year income can go a lot further if not given to one corporate CEO, and instead went to a thousand small businesses (100k each), who hire more people in the country overall.


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