Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Capitalism, Vietnamese Style

When VIETNAM capitalizes a company now, and they plan to capitalize all their companies, each employee gets equal shares. ALL employees now have a vested interest in their company being profitable.. this is "socialism", mgrs get paid more, but not 100m a year, and everyone is happy. THIS WAS SET UP with advisors from the US, former SEC officials, who were able to correct the failures with our system. Their stock mkt has been booming, among the world's best for two years running now.

It's currently KICKING BUTT over U.S. capitalism, which is a corporate welfare state that rewards cronyism and nepotism (let's all hire family members, friends, and frat brothers) and not productivitity or brains or anything else. It's like religions, the most average people of all who produce nothing themselves end up running things and simply steal as much money as they can legally or otherwise - hence, capitalism's failure here. When only the top 1% benefit from this, NO ONE ELSE CARES HERE either, just like in Communist Russia.. where's our incentive now?

There IS NO INCENTIVE here either now, just for buying lottery tickets or playing online poker. There's certainly no incentive for working all your life for minimum wage in a bankrupt system with no money left for social security but apparently plenty left for war and corporate bailouts.

After two centuries of slave labor, it's time to try something more equitable for the masses, the other 99% of us who work for a living. Even slaves got food, housing, and medical attention, things we can even seem to provide nowdays.


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