Friday, December 18, 2009

International Legal Aid or a Fabricated Intelligence Hoax?

I received a bizarre comment on a film blog that read like a Woody Allen spoof of a Bourne or James Bond film.. the link was to a Google site called "Jillstarrsite".. when I went there it says it's a non-governmental legal society connected to the Int'l Criminal Court of the UN...

Is this a legimate organization and site? Or have we suckered into visiting an NSA or CIA fabrication of disinformation? Remember that the early Bolsheviks around Lenin maintained their power (brilliantly I might add) by KGB founder Felix Derzhinsky created anti-Bolshevik organizations, getting thousands to join worldwide, then rounding up their members at conventions or local meetings.. you have to admire people that ingenious, and their techniques, because they are effective, have likely been studied and copied by most intelligence organizations..

So, if you want to get involved in international humanitarian legal aid that promotes non-violence and protection of individuals and groups, check out this link.. If you find out it's something bogus please let us know.. The "Jill Starr Site" at Google Sites


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